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Business Inovation Council is a Romanian company, based in Bucharest Romania and offering the following services: consultancy and research, innovation and competence, transnational cooperation and international Events. BIC acts as a privileged interlocutor with schools, businesses and institutions in the realization of customized international projects such as such as LIFE +, Cosme, Creative Europe, Erasmus, Europe for Citizens and Horizon2020.



BIC's mission is to increase the dynamics of development and competitiveness by creating an innovative environment, with an effective transfer of technology from scientific organizations to enterprises, inspiring local development and internationalization, through joint research and innovation projects.



BIC through its links with some of the main international centers of excellence, offers its customers ideas for innovation to help them aim for new goals. BIC stands as a qualified reference point in consulting companies, offering valid support for the enhancement and improvement of organizational and production processes.



BIC is able to offer services to start-ups and internationalization also to human resource groups that start with a reality realized by a company spin-off. It proposes itself as an antenna company of investment opportunities in Romania combined with the start-up of new entrepreneurial enterprises.

BIC boasts excellent skills guided by a common objective referring to all product sectors and to all types of companies, large, small, medium-sized, artisan, tourism or commerce, agricultural production or agro-industrial transformation. Our staff works on the development of general marketing plans, establishes criteria for communication activities, promotion of startups, the approach to the Romanian market of reference, any links with the foreign output market, the addresses of the promotion on the web, on social networks and in the different channels that can be activated etc.







The project Digital Farmer has been designed to respond to the needs of agriculture and food production sector which are changing so fast following the employment of digital technologies.

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