In Thessaloniki, during the third transnational meeting of the "Digital Farmer" project, foundational steps were taken to kickstart educational activities set to unfold in the coming months. This initiative is a testament to the commitment to revolutionize agriculture through digital innovation.

The "Digital Farmer" project was created in response to the increasing demands of the agricultural sector, which are driven by the integration of advanced technologies capable of enhancing agricultural production while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

The project is dedicated to developing innovative educational materials for agricultural educators. These materials are designed to prepare the farmers of tomorrow. In the next few months, educators from seven European countries will have the opportunity to participate in a free course aimed at enhancing their digital skills for teaching and updating them on new technologies to incorporate into their training programs.

Digital Farmer is paving the way for the future of agriculture and digital learning. We are ready to make a difference!


The virtual gathering was an essential continuation of the discussions and plans initiated during the March meeting, focusing on advancing the objectives of the "Digital Farmer" project under the Erasmus+ KA220 Cooperation Partnerships initiative.

The Digital Farmer project, formally known as "Project No: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033225," aims to enhance the digital skills of farmers through vocational education and training (VET). It seeks to promote sustainable agricultural practices and improve productivity by integrating modern digital tools into traditional farming.

The online meeting was attended by representatives from the project's partner institutions across Europe, including educators, agricultural experts, and technology specialists.

Throughout the online session, participants engaged in detailed discussions on various project components. Key topics included the development and refinement of the digital farming curriculum, the implementation of smart farming technologies, and strategies for effective dissemination of project outcomes to broader farming communities.

Denizli, Turkey - March 31, 2023: Pamukkale University welcomed international delegates for the 2nd Transnational Meeting of the "Digital Farmer" project, held on March 30th and 31st, 2023. This significant event, part of the Erasmus+ KA220 Cooperation Partnerships initiative, brought together experts and stakeholders to discuss advancements and strategies in agricultural digitalization.
Throughout the two-day meeting, attendees participated in a series of workshops and presentations. Key topics included the development of digital competencies for farmers, the integration of smart farming technologies, and the creation of a comprehensive curriculum for VET providers. The sessions were designed to foster an environment of learning and innovation, encouraging participants to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise.

From 7 to 11 November, the Digital Farmer International Workshop was held in Naples.
It was a moment of confrontation between different expertise and minds to discuss all together two of the project outputs: the manual "Digital VET Trainer in Agriculture" and the manual "Digital Traineeship in Agriculture".
While the fist one will focus on digital tools for teaching in agriculture, the second has to do with digital innovations in agriculture and how to implement distance learning traineeships. Specifically, the partners defined how to structure the chapters, what kind of content to include and what insights to make the manuals as accessible and valuable as possible to educators, trainers and VET providers.

Finally, they defined the next steps to be taken, i.e. how and where to implement digital traineeships.

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The project Digital Farmer has been designed to respond to the needs of agriculture and food production sector which are changing so fast following the employment of digital technologies.

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