Partners will carry out local roundtables in their own country in order to collect best practises related to digital tools in teaching activities and recent innovations in the agricultural sector. Each partner will collect local data and innovative proposals concerning digital education, digital internships and tools in the agricultural field through a series of questionnaires. Participants in roundtables will work in groups on the areas identified in the project as future trends in the agricultural sector, work-based learning and digital education.

Through these activities, partners will be able to define the current scenario of digital tools applied in agriculture and in educational activities but also future directions. Local roundtables are considered as key activities of the project because the data collected will lay the biases for the two manuals that will be developed during the other project activities. 

If you want to actively participate in the data collection, below you have the chance to contribute to the project by taking our surveys. There are 4 types of surveys, each one addressed to a specific category, please fill in only the survey corresponding to your category. Thank you.


Survey of Agricultural Trainers Survey of Agricultural Employees



Survey of Agricultural Organizations Survey of Agricultural Students