Digital Farmer: Cultivating the Future 

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In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, it is crucial for educators to explore new methodological paths. Our platform addresses this need by providing a valuable tool for teachers and trainers, particularly in the field of vocational education and training (VET) in agriculture.

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The platform recognizes the significance of distance learning, not only in emergency situations but also as a long-term educational approach. It aims to integrate digital tools into teaching contents and methodologies for educators in the agricultural sector.

Our platform offers a wide range of innovative elements and features. It enables educators to combine different forms of learning, such as in-person and distance learning, synchronous and asynchronous training, and the utilization of educational materials that adapt to learners’ needs. It also provides updates on recent innovations in the agricultural sector, including digital tools and Industry 4.0 advancements.


To maximize the transferability of these benefits, the platform will be freely accessible in English, with sections for discussion and material sharing in different project languages. It will be promoted through extensive advertising campaigns, encouraging registration and engagement from a diverse network of public and private educational training providers.

The platform will encompass several thematic areas, including recent developments in distance learning and digital innovations in agriculture, methodologies for educators and trainers, experiences and feedback from learners, and innovative tools for digital traineeships. It will integrate various components, such as learning management systems (LMS) and content management systems (CMS), to enable synchronous and asynchronous training.


We invite you to explore our platform, share your experiences, and join the discussion on advancing education in the digital era. Together, we can shape the future of vocational education and training in agriculture. Stay tuned for the beta version, which will be available online in Month 12 of the project, with regular updates leading to the final approved version during the Final Meeting.